Quessoy Info

Information about the local village of Quessoy (pronounced “Kess-Wah”)

Quessoy is a commune in the Côtes-d’Armor region in Bretagne in north-western France. Quessoy is situated in the arrondissement of Saint-Brieuc in the Pays de Moncontour de Bretagne. The population is a mere 3184.


In Quessoy you will find a beautiful bakery, where we recommend you treat yourselves to fresh baguettes and croissants daily – it’s worth it!


Beside the bakery is a butcher/deli that sells fine quality meats and cheese as well as a selection of wines and the local specialty ‘cider’.


There are two banks in Quessoy village, both of which have ATM / cash dispensing machines.


The local supermarket in Quessoy, Ecomarché, is open daily, but closed for lunch between 12.30 & 2pm daily. It is also open on Sundays until 12midday. Please note that most shops and stores and retail facilities in general are closed on Sundays. You can buy petrol at the Ecomarché facility.

Hyper U, a very large supermarket is situated 4km from Quessoy at Yffiniac. Petrol is available here also. Many petrol stations can be operated by credit card, so you can still serve yourself when they appear closed.

Lidl is also situated 4km from Quessoy, just off the roundabout at Yffiniac.


Cabinet Médical: Dr Gilles Formet/ Dr Patrice Bossard, 6 Rue Argentaie, Quessoy Tel: +33 2 96 42 31 70


Dr Gilles Ruffet, 6 Rue Argentaie, Quessoy Tel: +33 2 96 42 52 14


There is a pharmacy beside the Cabinet Medical across the road from the Ecomarché. Again, please note that it is closed during lunchtime. There is also a chemist off the roundabout at Yffiniac.


Quessoy also features a bar, a tabac, a post office, hairdressers, a florist, a beauty salon and a takeaway pizzeria. Please check for opening hours as they vary.

Quessoy’s website is currently under construction but click to see some photos of the area in the meantime.


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